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The Journey...unfolding the mystery of Domus Trinitatis

On June 28th 1979. she professed her first vows to the  Missionaries of Charity Contemplatives with Saint Mother Teresa present. It was the beginning of an incredibly graced missionary life which took Sister to Tijuana, Cuba, Calcutta India, Kenya and different parts of the United States.


During her five year Cuban mission, she learned the importance of the need to meet the basic needs of the people.  Sister realized that in order to teach them of the promises of Jesus, she first had to find a way to meet their basic needs.  She began community gardens and taught them how to plant, grow and harvest their own food.  At that time a calling was placed in her heart, to one day create a place where she could teach other Missionaries and share ideas on how to nourish both the body and the souls of people and at the same time, create a place for renewal.


(Photos on left-Sister with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta at Profession and Sister's boots from her missions with the Missionaries of Charity and apron from work with SOLT.)

The Unfolding Mystery...

Sister Marie Hesed was born in a large family in Quebec, Canada. She received her religious vocation at the age of eight on the day of her confirmation.  In her twenties she answered God's Call  and entered the only Contemplative Cloister in Canada, founded by Mother Aurelie of the Precious Blood.  After 3 1/2 years Sister discerned that her call was not to monastic life but to contemplative life in the heart of the world.

In 1976, she met Blessed, now Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the South Bronx of New York.  As she walked in the Chapel, she read by the Crucifix the words: "I Thirst", and she realized she was home.  In this brief encounter with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jesus asked her to trust him unconditionally and she left her beloved country Canada to become the first candidate to the new Contemplative Branch that Saint Mother Teresa was founding in the South Bronx. 


(Photo above -Sister with Saint Mother Teresa in Mexico-1988

and photo below -Sister meeting Pope John Paul II in 1997.)

 It was while missioned in Nairobi, Kenya that Sister Marie Hesed felt deep down in her soul, that Jesus was drawing her to answer a "call within a call". And so began a long five years of discernment, which finally led to her seeking admission in the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity.

(Photos on right-Sister with Father James Flanagan SOLT Founder)

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