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Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

Father James Flanagan founded the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity which was formally established on July 16, 1958.  Father Flanagan passed from this earthly life on March 24, 2016.  He touched the lives of so many through the ministries of SOLT priests, consecrated and lay people.  He had a special relationship to Our Lady.  Father Flanagan saw goodness in others and his desire was to bring them into communion with the family of God.  He provided not only the tools to help one discern God's will, but also the confidence and love necessary to do it.  He loved with the love of God the Father.  

Father Flanagan believed that every Religious Community raised up by God has a special gift to give to its age and the ages to come. God the Father Himself gives gifts to bring this about. The gift He gives is always the gift of His Beloved Son. Therefore the gift that every religious has to give is always a gift of Jesus Christ. This can be seen in the history of the Church from its beginning.


What is the gift Our Father gives to the Church and the world today through the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity? It is the mystery of Trinitarian love expressed in the self-sacrificing gift of Jesus in His Paschal Mystery: His Life, Sufferings, Death, Resurrection and Ascension.


The Charism, or gift, which God gives to members of Our Lady’s Society to accomplish this Vision, is Disciples of Jesus through Mary living in Marian-Trinitarian Communion serving on Ecclesial Family Teams in areas of deepest apostolic need.

The experience within Our Lady’s Society of living and working together in common spirituality with a common vision is that of family in which all members are strengthened and supported by the presence of each other. We recognize that this experience prepares us for the life we will live as one family of Our Father for all eternity.


May we imitate Mary, become like Jesus,

and live for the Triune God.


For more information about SOLT Vist: SOLT Website or follow them on the SOLT Facebook page.

For more information on Father Flanagan, click here.

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