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What Domus Trinitatis can offer you, your family

and your community..........

The center will be staffed with Sisters and Priests from the order of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT).

A variety of retreats will be scheduled, and led by experienced personnel. Both personal and group retreats will be offered as well as individual spiritual guidance.


Domus Trinitatis offers a beautiful setting for prayer and relaxation, where you can leave the busyness and noise of the world to spend quality time with Jesus.  Walk a beautiful Rosary Walk, Meditate on the Stations of the Cross, Spend time in the Meditation Garden or in the small intimate chapel for Eucharist Adoration.  Domus Trinitatis - A destination that will help to renew your relationship with God and His Mother.

Spiritual Retreats of various types will be led by Sister Marie Hesed and Sister Anne Marie Walsh.

Sister Anne Marie was assigned to the SOLT Mission Domus Trinitatis in 2015. She currently leads Healing of Family Retreats, Ignatian Retreats, Retreats on Dignity and Vocation of Women and has begun to offer retreats for women with cancer. She speaks at different conferences and is a regular contributor to several Catholic publications.  

Her writings can be found at                                                        


For More Information regarding Sister Anne Marie Walsh, click here . 

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