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Spiritual Renewal and Retreat Center

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of Domus Trinitatis (Home of the Trinity) is to provide a contemplative center for renewal and retreats.  To offer to all, an environment to find rest, solace, and time to refresh themselves, and build a deeper relationship with God, through         on-going religious formation, spiritual direction and directed retreats.

Domus Trinitatis means Home Of The Trinity.  The Center is located near Willey, Iowa nestled amidst 30 acres of beautiful Iowa countryside, donated by a generous landowner.  The Center is a Mission of the Society of Our Lady Of The Trinity (S.O.L.T.)

Sister Marie Hesed with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

""What I can do, you cannot.  

What you can do, I cannot.  

But together we can do something beautiful for God."

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

"Sometimes He will entrust you with the work of making people human.  Sometimes He will entrust you the work of making people divine.  Both of them are present, because Jesus is human and divine.  It's a sign of Eternal Life when you have this."

Father James Flanagan, October 16, 2002

Sister Marie Hesed  & Sister Anne Marie Walsh with Father James Flanagan,  

SOLT Founder

Domus Trinitatis

PO Box 733

24750 Noble Ave

Carroll,  IA 51401

"The calling God has given me is to help people find peaceful solitude with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, fellowship in community life and work in the sustainable agriculture.  Domus Trinitatis is fulfilling

this calling."

Sister Marie Hesed

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